Sisters United

A Message From the Pastor’s Wife

The idea began in 1994 in a hair salon. Several single Christian women from different ministries arrive for individual appointments. While waiting to be serviced, we discussed our lives, our desire to walk in holiness, and the dating scene with its inevitable temptations. Our friendly exchanges began to take on a life of their own. We presented scenarios and preface each one with the phrase, “What if…?” Now, we have a name for our discussions–What if?–and we address not only temptations (both real and imagined) but also the means of escaping them.

When I married in 1996, my life took a different path and I seldom communicated with any of the ladies in the hair salon. Many years later, my husband was called to pastor and we had begun to have church services in our home. At an event, I had a memorable conversation with one of the women from the salon. She reflected on how meaningful the salon encounters were and how they had impacted her life practically and spiritually. I agreed!

What she shared left an imprint in my heart. A month later, I invited some single ladies to meet in my home once a month, and Sisters United was birth.

We meet every 4th Saturday of each month and we have an annual luncheon.

Our Pledge

We welcome, support and pray for every sister. We promise to love and never judge. We respect the privacy of our sister; therefore anything shared will never be repeated outside our meeting.

Mission Statement

We are a community of multi-generational women who gather together to worship God and share our stories in an atmosphere that is safe and free from condemnation; so that women may spiritually, and emotionally bond with each other in authentic exchange.

Vision Statement

Being role models to young women saved and unsaved; connecting, mentoring and disciplining women to draw them to Christ by our example; building relationships that will last as we to witness the lives of women of all ethnicities and backgrounds being transformed by the power of God.


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Located in the Albertoni Business Center


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