December 18, 2014
Moving beyond our regrets is one of the most challenging issues that we face. It is also one of the areas in the lives of Christians that satan uses to stymie them from moving forward and experiencing the abundant life that God has promised.

I am confident that the disciples had many regrets. Peter denied Jesus when the cock crowed three times. Before his spiritual conversion, Paul intensely persecuted any follower of Jesus Christ. Yet, both men, through the power and saving grace of Christ, were able to move past their regrets, and God used them mightily to heal the sick and to bring thousands into his kingdom.

At some point in time, we’ve all had regrets. We may have wondered how our lives would be if circumstances were different. Though we cannot stop our thoughts, we can control where they land. Satan wants to destroy our hope and steal our dreams. Don’t give him permission to use your past to malign your today. You cannot allow, if I would have, should have, could have, to be your life story. Dr. Myles Munroe said,” The greatest tragedy is not death but life without purpose.”

God has a purpose for your life. When you accepted Christ as Lord, his mercy separated you from your past. You became qualitatively new. However, when you do not fill your new vessel with the word of God, then you will yield to what’s familiar. The next time your past calls, send it to voicemail-“Sorry, I’m not available.”

Make some declarations: “I am an over-comer! Every opposing thought that enters my mind is cast down, buried and covered by the blood of Christ. My past has “no” power over me. I am free from guilt, shame, and condemnation. I have the mind of Christ and I walk in covenant with Him. “As he lives, I live!”



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